What we require to set up your Tracking Page

We will ask for final quantities 2 weeks out from the event, and 4 weeks if your event is in May, June, July or September.  Its this number that we will put on the invoice – regardless of whether you get people pulling out leading up to the event.  If you require more trackers – please contact us, note during busy months it can not be guaranteed that we will provide more trackers – so check with us before offering an entry.

Participant List
For the participant import we need an excel spreadsheet completing. V2 participant-import
Help video >>


Checkpoint/Timing Points

If you require checkpoints/timing points these will need to be added to the cp-import template, with a minimum columns A-D completed (longitude /latitude coordinates must be in decimal degrees). Don’t forget to add the start and finish points. cp-import

A short help video https://youtu.be/dFw9iOoLIfQ

GPX Files
We can also add a gpx of the route. This needs to be sent as a single file in either .gpx or KML format