Terms and Conditions of Tracker Hire

  1. Trackers are the responsibility of the hirer, including trial loans. It is the responsibility of the hirer to chase any trackers taken home by competitors, not Open Tracking.
  2. Where Open Tracking sends Trackers to an event in the UK this is done by UPS, Open Tracking will be responsible for them until the delivery is signed.
  3. Trackers are only sent overseas where the customer has an office / full time representation, normally via UPS. The hirer is responsible for the trackers from departure of Open Tracking’s UK offices until they are returned to the same office. Open Tracking are not responsible for delays or fees incurred by foreign customs or government departments.
  4. The hirer is responsible for the sending (or hand delivery) and until arrival of the units back to Open Tracking office or Open Tracking personnel.
  5. Open Tracking offers no insurance for the trackers – if loss of a tracker is a concern the hirer needs to seek insurance themselves.
  6. Where trackers are used for governed timed attempts or records. Open Tracking reserves the right to pass tracking data to those organisations who manage these records.
  7. For normal weekend hires – trackers need to be with Open Tracking by the Tuesday following the weekend. Special arrangements maybe required for Bank Holidays.
  8. Late returns will result in additional charges, at £2.50 + VAT per day, per tracker.  Late charge will start at end of the day expected back to Open Tracking. Late fees are non-refundable.  For example, after a weekend hire, arrival on the Wednesday would be 1 day charge per tracker.   VAT on late fees is chargeable to all customers, regardless of their VAT status.
  9. Current price for a replacement tracker is £120+VAT each. This includes the hardware and the admin required.  This is payable if the tracker is not returned within 14 days of the event end date.  If the device is returned within 6 months of the event end date, £60+VAT will be issued as a credit against a future hire. Any incurred late fees are not included in the refund.  VAT on replacement trackers is chargeable to all customers, regardless of their VAT status.
  10. Post event, an invoice will be sent within 1 week, with payment terms of 30 days.
  11. Open Tracking will only field enquiries on tracker position data from event officials or from the emergency services.
  12. Open Tracking relies on the service of mobile operators and cannot be held responsible for the provision of in a particular area or failure of these services.
  13. Viewing the tracking website and use of the Open Tracking online management area require an internet connection via Wi-Fi or broadband. Open Tracking cannot be held responsible for the provision of in a particular area or failure of these services at any time.
  14. Open Tracking makes best effort to ensure 99.9% up time of our web services, these are provided by a third party and we cannot be held responsible for the failure of these services. It is in our interest to ensure service is provided as quickly as possible.
  15. The trackers we provide have an SOS button which requires a mobile signal. We don’t recommend that this feature is relied upon by event organisers but rather supplements existing procedures. We will not be held responsible for the operational failure of this feature on the tracker.
  16. Timing – Open Tracking provides a timing service that uses the GPS data sent to our servers. This is reliant of third party services (GPS Satellites / mobile coverage / web servers) and is reliant on correct placement of the tracker. We will not be held responsible for errors in this data.
  17. Trackers hired by Open Tracking can only be used where the participant is fully aware that they are being tracked. We do not supply trackers for any covert tracking.
  18. Cancellation of hire – Once you have approved the quote, you have entered in to a contract with us to provide tracking services. Should you cancel the booking with less than 30 days to go to the event start date, 50% of the invoice will be issued for the hire.  Less than 14 days – 100% of the invoice will be issued for the hire.
  19. The use of tracking devices / Open Tracking portal shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Open Tracking from and against any claim, demand, cause of action, loss or liability (including solicitor’s fees and expenses) for any property damage or personal injury arising from the use of Equipment or service by any cause.

For event hires we will specify the date and time the trackers need to be left at a UPS drop off point (Monday morning by midday after a weekend). This will ensure delivery to Open Tracking on the Tuesday.


If more than 150 trackers are hired for one event a member or representative from Open Tracking will need to attend the event for the allocation and management of the trackers. This is chargeable and will be included in the ‘quote’. In certain circumstances this support may not be necessary if there is a trained competent person from the race organisation dedicated to managing the trackers, this must be agreed by Open Tracking in advance of the event. If more than 500 trackers are hired for one event, representatives from Open Tracking must be in attendance at the event for the allocation and management of the trackers. This is chargeable and will be included in the ‘quote’.