Open Tracking Live Coverage Features

Open Tracking offers two live coverage web pages, standard and premium. The premium version is designed to provide corporate identity, social media integration and other optional extras.

The standard version is based on the same tracking data and mapping more suited to those events on a budget or don’t require all the bells and whistles.

premium website benefits including links logosmapping features

Optional Extra – please call for pricing information

We recognise that sometimes that events may need a little bit extra support, customisation or features and we are here to assist. Here are some of the optional extras Open Tracking have been able to provide in recent years – if you can’t see your exact requirement please get in touch. We will provide a clear and transparent price for any bespoke work prior to starting.

open tracking optional extras OS mapping Google Mapping

Mapping Options

Open Tracking provides OS mapping in the UK as standard. There is an option for UK events to switch to Google maps – please let us know.

OS mapping is generally restricted to 1:50,000, but 1:25,000 can be included for events using areas up to around 10x10KM. Event directors will have access to the 1:25,000 mapping via the event admin page.

Some events may require both Google and OS mapping – this option is available for an additional fee.

Example Premium tracking page >>

Premium live gps tracking website by opentracking