Lakeland 100 and Lakeland 50 tracking page

Lakeland 100 and 50 Tracker Information

The Tracking Page URL for the Lakeland 100 and Lakeland 50 2018 is;

Lakeland 100

We are super excited to be part of the Montane Lakeland 100 ultra run 2018. We will be tracking all the Lakeland 100 competitors using a lightweight gps unit.  To get the most from your tracker we need to tape the unit to the shoulder strap on your running rucksack. We have taped thousands of the devices on and can assure you you will hardly notice it is there!
You need to bring your running sack / rucksack to registration to get the tracker taped on, sorry but no exceptions.

As well as strapping on the tracker we will take a photo of each competitor, this uploads to the tracking page so when someone selects a participant their photo appears.


As you will probably know the Lakes has high hills and deep valleys, our trackers rely on getting a mobile network signal to report the location of the tracker on the webpage, the trackers are better than mobile phones at doing this and work on all mobile networks, but occasionally there may be a delay in reporting locations (particularly in Duddon Valley and Wasdale areas).  As soon as a signal is received the trackers will report the GPS track and update the location to the tracking page.

The Checkpoints times will be recorded when the tracker reaches the CP locations – for the techies this is done using geo fence locations.

IMPORTANT – If you should retire during the race, you should report this to a marshal and they will retire you from the race and take your tracker from you.


Lakeland 50

Lakeland 50 competitors are invited to hire a tracker at a Special rate of £20 for the weekend.  Trackers will be taped on to rucksacks at registration on the Friday night, trackers will not be tracked on the public domain until the start time (11:30am).


Tracker hire for the Lakeland 50
We will have limited number of trackers available to hire on Friday at registration.

Link to the tracking page for the Lakeland 50 >>

All Trackers will be collected at the finish line. We will post the gpx files of the event on our website post event.

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