Self-Managed events

Not only have trackers added a new dimension to following endurance events, Open Tracking have also enabled small events to have features such as electronic timing at a relatively low cost.  Over the years we have developed a platform where organisers of small events can manage their events themselves avoiding the cost of hiring in a staff member along with the expenses that come with that (food / accommodation / travel).

With our online platform you can

  • Set mass start times for all or particular classes
  • Manually adjust times / add penalties / bonuses
  • Set retirements / Did not starts
  • Rename participants / change classes (e.g. to crew)
  • Monitor trackers – battery life / if they are tracking / online
  • See the buffer maps to see where live data has been sent by which network and when
  • Add bulletins (e.g. due to weather the event was stopped at X)


You should have access to this platform in the week before your event, and should you need to delegate the management of the trackers to someone else, please let us know so we can set them up as a user with access to your event.  This should be done during working hours in the week before the event – not during the event or on a weekend.

There are some great self help videos on use of the portal on our website here.

On almost all events we also send out handheld PDA’s to assist with managing events.  Really its best if you have barcodes on participant numbers to facilitate their use.  If buying bib numbers from us we can add these barcodes at no extra cost.  These PDA’s have multinetwork SIM’s in them, the same as used in our trackers.  They can also work on wifi.

  • Set mass start times
  • Scan DNS’s / retirements
  • Scan start times or finish times to get accurate times
  • Add photos if using the premium portal


Users of PDA’s will be issued with a 6 digit number to access their event.  We often add a temporary label to the back of the PDA with your event access code.

Its worth noting that if you are using trackers from us that they use mobile networks to upload their status.   If you are using the black trackers that we send out, its important that you login to check that all are sending data (and that you have switched them all on) before you passing them to participants.  You may need to leave it 30 mins to an hour for the tracker to pick up a network – especially if you are doing anything outside of the UK.  So allow plenty of time before you start an event – and avoid switching them on in the basement of hotels or in caves 😊.  The trackers will automatically reboot after 60 mins if they have not sent any data.


The provision of our service to those who decide not to have us attend is under the proviso that events will use the tools provided to

  • Set retirements / DNS’s
  • Rename trackers (e.g. for use by crew)
  • Set start times
  • Adjust times, add penalties / bonuses
  • Monitor trackers


If you wish Open Tracking to provide assistance remotely then we can do this but only when the arrangement is booked as part of the quote process.  We will charge our normal daily rate without the addition of travel / food / accommodation etc.

Should you call the event support line or email us expecting assistance for the above tasks that has not been pre-arranged we would charge a fee.  Events should not assume this will always be available.  Its way better for all to get yourself familiar with the portal and watch the videos.

Clearly if having followed the above process of switching on trackers where there is known mobile signal, and that trackers have a clear view of the sky when with the participant, you still are having issues. Then in the first instance email – please leave details including a contact number should we need to call you.  Our office line has a technical support option – this will redirect to one of our staff out of hours, it really should only be used as a last resort. +44 (0)1539 267422.  Requests that are not emergencies or where the events should be managing themselves will be charged per call (e.g. we have had people phoning up asking us just to check where someone is as they don’t have any data on their phone).

If managing the trackers over the weekend, is a real worry please do find someone to help you or let us know in good time so we can add support to your quote.  Sadly phoning up and saying you don’t do computers won’t avoid the charges set out above.

Hopefully the above all makes sense.