GPS Live Tracking for Sports and Events

Open Tracking provides a Live GPS Tracking service for Sports and Events.  There two main elements of the tracking;

  1. The trackers themselves.
  2. Tracking page to see the location

Live GPS Trackers

Our trackers at Open Tracking are unique, we have waterproof casing and an extended battery allowing for tracking at longer events or where intervals of how often tracking is reported.

  • We currently have access to over 1500 trackers for hire, so can handle both small and large events.
  • 1500 of the trackers have integrated RFID chips to provide definitive start / finish times
  • We have simple means to recharge and reissue trackers having developed our very own recharging pods

Live GPS Tracking Webpages

We have unique Live GPS Tracking pages that have features exclusive to Open Tracking.

  • Live GPS Tracking page, showing all the participants, you can also filter to just show individual competitors trackers
  • Management administration panel for race organisers and event directors to make changes.
  • Options for Ordnance survey, Google, Open Source, and Bing Maps.
  • Links from the Live GPS tracking page to Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Links to your sponsors websites.
  • Logos of your company/ sponsors.
  • Filters by course or groupings as required.
  • Leaderboard for timing via Geo Fences or Manual Timing.
  • Mass starts or individual start time through the control panel.
  • Comparison of the times at each checkpoint with ability to add time penalties as required. The results and split times can be downloaded for sharing and analysis.
  • Distance travelled and altitude ascent and descent graph.
  • Post event GPX files of all competitors  – simply share by link.
  • Route Line, a gpx trace of the route of the race
  • Country Flags next to the participants to show their Nationality
  • Replay Functions to show which route competitors took, this is ideal for race directors to check any reported infringements
  • Satellite tracker integration (Yellow Brick and Spot Trackers)
  • Photo of participant alongside tracking icon / times.
  • Potential to integrate fundraising links to either each competitors fundraising page or the main fundraising page.

Tracker Hire Enquiry Form

  • Highlight to event control when someone (or a group of people) go off route
  • Experience shows that friends / family spend significant time engaging with the tracking pages (can share stats from my own events).
  • A full comparison of all the tracking features can be seen here

Event Safety.

  • Each tracker has an SOS button, when pressed this can send the GPS coordinates to a mobile phone number and/or an email address. The exact location of the tracker can then be seen simply by pressing on the link.
  • Track event staff, medics, logistics, sweepers, head of course etc.
  • Ideal for Youth Groups such as DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) award schemes, Scouts, Youth Clubs, Schools etc.
  • Mapping can be password protected so only the event organisers and those with the link and password can view page.

At Open tracking we are experts in tracking and getting the most out of the Live GPS tracking system.

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