FAQs Tracker Hire

Q I have turned on my tracker but it isn’t showing my location on the tracking link provided.
A The tracking page is set to start at the time you provided us (or just before), the map will not update until this time.

Q How do I know the tracker is working
A The tracker when switched on has three lights – red is power, green is network and blue is satellite.  As long as the green light is flashing, the tracker is working.

Q Can I have the GPS route of my track
A Yes- send us an email after the event and we can provide a gpx file. Please note if the trackers were hired out to an event, they will distribute the gpx files (if they wish to share).

Q I have booked a tracker but haven’t got the tracking page link.
A We send the tracking link a few days before your event, if you have received your trackers but still not got the link, send us an email and we will provide.

Q Can I change my booking date.
A If you give us over a weeks notice and we have the availability we will try our best to accommodate your request, we are unable to make changes to bookings with less than a weeks notice.

Q Can I add a gpx route of the event to the tracking page
A If you send us the gpx or KML file of the route we will add the route to your tracking page.

Q My Tracker hasn’t arrived
A For weekend hire trackers are despatched on a Wednesday by 1st class post or UPS (by end of next day) for more than three trackers or more.

Q Can I hire a tracker for 2 or 3 weeks?
A Yes please contact us for rates.

Q Is it okay to stick adhesive labels on the trackers?
A No please do not stick anything on the tracker – you can however stick labels on the bag it came in or alternatively put it in a bag and label the bag.

Q Is the tracker waterproof?
A The black trackers are not waterproof, they are despatched in a plastic bag, please keep the tracker in this bag, if it is taken out seal in a waterproof drybag. The orange trackers are waterproof – these are usually only used on larger events.

Q GPS tracker seems to have stopped working (not reporting its location) -is there anything I can do?
A If the tracker is out of mobile signal it won’t update. If you are sure it should be working at its current location try turning off the tracker and then switching it back on, this will force it to look for a network.