Event Equipment and Support Services

When Open Tracking is in attendance we offer a number of event support equipment and services at very competitive rates;

  • Gantry for Event Starts and Finishes; 3 meter or 5 meter wide x 3.4 meters height with 1 meter banner.
  • Race Timing Clock; display real time or countdown clock. This can be attached to the Gantry.
  • PA System; Two professional speakers and microphone. Make announcements and play music at events.
  • Gazebo – Pop up gazebo. 3 meters x 3 meters
  • Large screen Plasma TV’s and stands, display the tracking page, live video, map fly-throughs etc on large screen TVs.
  • Media Wall; 3 meters x 2 meters high
  • Mevo Video camera; For live video streaming of starts and finishes.
  • Push To Talk radios; Using our anyone network Sims, we currently hold 20+ radios.
  • Satellite Comms Dish: For those remote spots without mobile signal, we can facilitate WiFi connection.
  • PDA scanners for adding competitor photos.
  • 4G Mobile router; Network allowing get 4g wifi – often quicker than standard wifi or at locations that dont have Wifi.
  • Barcode printing for easy management and added timing options using PDA devices.
  • Split Time printing at finish line; As competitors cross the finish line immediate printouts of the split times at each timed Checkpoint.