Event Live GPS Tracking Service

Event Trackers

Lightweight & Compact

Waterproof Trackers

Large Location Buffer

Weekend hire (10+ trackers)

Week hire (10+ trackers)

GPX Files Included

Various Mapping Options


Live Tracker Timing

PDA Scan Timing

GEO Fence Timing

RFID Timing

Automatic Leaderboards

Event Score Results

Stage Timing

Live Tracking

Live Website with participant list

Social Media Integration

Participant / Competitor Photos

Sponsorship Logos

Replay Tracking

Customised Solutions

Justgiving Integration

Tracker Hire

Weekend hire  – away from the office Thursday to be back following Tuesday (6 days).
Week hire – Trackers away from the office Thursday to week Tuesday (12 days).

Tracker includes a website portal that shows competitor location, this works on mobile and desktop computers.
Premium Websites including, social media links, scoreboards, replay option, competitor photos, logo’s and more is available at extra cost. See our options for tracking webpages 

Open Tracking – Live GPS Tracking Of Events

This is our bread and butter, getting this right is as important to us as to you. The applications are limitless and what can be achieved through the web portal will drive traffic and hook those online viewers. It’s very addictive. Our niche is the great outdoors, we use OS mapping in the UK for the richness of information and detail. Google or other national topographic maps are used for overseas events.


  • The trackers are lightweight and are just a bit bigger than a matchbox.
  • Our trackers used on events are either waterproof or are pre-sealed in plastic pouches.
  • The units have a large buffer (stores location points in the memory of the tracker), so if you are in a location with no mobile signal, the tracker will record the location and upload to our servers when back in mobile range.

Web Interface

  • Open Tracking will provide the organiser access to the admin panel where you can easily pull up the map for each unit, see when it was last tracked, battery status and change team names and a whole lot more.
  • Tracking on the event package also enables access to our automatic leaderboard. You set the start time around 10 locations on the route and the automatic leaderboard will sort the rest out.
  • We will provide a basic tracking page with all of the trackers or you can upgrade to our Premium version including social media integration, event logo, sponsor banners and optional photos.

Uses For GPS Trackers

  • Running / Ultra Running / Marathons / Trail Running.
  • Walking / Trekking / Expeditions
  • Kayaking Canoeing
  • Cycling / Sportives / Audax
  • Mountain Bike Challenges / Enduro /
  • Event Staff / Logistics, Sweepers/ Directors
  • Safety Staff/ Medics/ Key Players/ Emergency Services
  • DofE/ Scouts/ Youth Groups/ Schools
  • Charity Fundraising Events.
  • Orienteering
  • Mountain Marathons

From single day to multi-day events.

Track the progress, with options to add location markers on the mapping to illustrate where the feedstations and key locations are. We can also add out of bounds overlays to maps, ideal for orienteering type events. If Geo timing is used then remote locations can be used to time competitors as they pass through without the need to have a physical presence such as a marshal.

Event Booking Enquiry Form – GPS Trackers

Just a quick note of thanks for your support and great service for this years Dofe expeditions. It has been an absolute godsend for us leaders and for the young people to know they are safe, but still enjoying everything that learning to operate alone in the countryside brings. Hopefully be able to pass this thanks on in person at a race somewhere soon. Best Wishes Paul

BCT Aspire, BCT Aspire
Many thanks again for all of your help – as you may have seen from Twitter for a 1st use everything seemed to go very smoothly and we’ve all been impressed by the whole system, assistance provided and UPS delivery. It will certainly change the way that we manage the hikes – it was interesting to see teams go wrong and then correct themselves on screen in real time, it was a real help towards the end seeing that a couple of teams needed to be pulled at the penultimate base and I know that the SLs and CSLs are looking forward to seeing the tracks of where their teams actually walked.