About Open Tracking

GPS tracking and timing of events is what we do and specialise in.  We really are the experts, we know trackers and timing services inside out, we can offer advice on getting the most of GPS trackers, sports timing.

The secret sauce behind the trackers is they use a multi -network SIM card which utilises all UK networks (except Three).. the tracker, not the SIM card actively looks for the best network.. we spent years looking and testing trackers to find the best device to work with the UK infrastructure. Most countries have a single national network so its not something many tracker companies are that interested in.

Lots of driving up and down remote lake district valleys with 100’s of trackers in the car, working out which were the best settings to get the most out of the trackers in the UK (example; results in us covering around 80% of the Ramsay round and for something like the BG round north of 90%).

We create custom tracking pages (webpages) the that display and link to tracking / timing / social media and fundraising to ensure you get the most out of your event. These work on Mobile/tablets and desktop computers.

The Sulphur Store, Clock Tower Offices, Low Wood, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 8LY

Phone: 01539 267422

We have teamed up with tracking partners in Ireland, America and Australia.

Primal Tracking – Ireland

Covering Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

Primal Tracking,
109 Church Street
Co Armagh,
BT62 3DB



Tel : 0777 584 6097

Track Me Live – Australia

Covering Australia

Track Me Live

PO Box 542
QLD 4556



Tel: Shaun +61 428711909 , Louise +61 419427243

Adventure Enablers – USA / North America

Covering the USA and North America

Dot Track Asia

Based in Hong Kong our services work across all countries in Asia.

+852 6111 0265