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We have currently suspended the app whilst we work on an upgrade. Tracking is still available on all devices using the URL’s on all web browsers.

Live GPS Tracking

We can now track over 2000 competitors at any one time which we believe makes us the largest ‘Live GPS Tracking Service‘ for Sports and Events in the World!

We offer a range of innovative live tracking and timing options for challenges and races including ultra runs, sportives, adventure races and Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions (DofE). We regularly track events throughout Europe, Australia and US. Our trackers are used for tracking competitors, event logistics, event safety and management.

Our partners are based in USA, Australia and Ireland and also have great depth in event organisation and management. Open Tracking provides the live GPS tracking platform for the Adventure Race World Series.

Our tracking web pages work on mobiles and desktop and are packed with features

The Best Dot Watching Website

Open tracking maps allow for individual and mass participation events to be viewed on a single tracking page. This is often fondly referred to as ‘dot watching’ as each participant is displayed as a dot, also known as a map pin. Dot Watching allows mass viewing and interaction with events that would otherwise be difficult to engage with. By clicking on the dot various options can be seen e.g the track of where the participant has been, a photo of the individual or team, a list of checkpoint times plus many more features. We are able to customise the dots on larger events, this is a premium option and only available upon request.

International Dot map pins
Standard dots map pins
customised map dot, map pin
Live Gps Tracking

Hire Our Trackers

Lightweight & Waterproof
Extended Battery Life
Optional SOS Button
Personal Hire
Group Hire

Event tracking for Sports, Events and Charity events

Event Services

Automatic Leaderboards
Scan or Geofence Timing
Participant Photos
Event Branding
Replay and GPX Files

Mapping using Ordnance Survey, Google, Bing and Open source mapping. Customised maps can be used.

 Our Mapping

Ordnance Survey
Google Maps
International Topos
Event Mapping
Elevation Profiles

Our Tracking
Live timing using RFID, barcode and geofence locations. Timing solutions for sport.

Live Timing

Live leaderboard online
Automatic geofence
Multiple checkpoint timing
Personal split times
Scan timing
RFID Timing Option

Live GPS Tracking for added safety at events for use with crew and competitors. See exactly where participants are at any time.

Safety Management

Live Participant Locations
Optional SOS Button
Logistics Monitoring
Route Monitoring
Off Route Indicator

Waterproof GPS trackers for watersport and mountain sports where the trackers will get wet

Tracking For

Ultras / Running
Adventure Racing
Charity Events
Cycling Sportives
Mountain Bike Events

DofE Duke of Edinburgh award scheme GPS tracking, Scouts and other youth groups securely tracked


DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) Awards
Youth / Scout Challenges
Schools & Colleges
Corporate Challenges
HM Forces Events

Charity events can be tracked with donation buttons to just giving and other sponsorship websites

Charity Events

Just Giving Integration
Social Media Feeds
Increased Sponsorship
Individual / Groups
Upload Route Files

Personal challenge Live GPS Tracking for the Bob Graham Round, The Ramsey Round and personal challenges

Personal Challenges

Bob Graham Round
Paddy Buckley Round
Ramsey Round
3 Peaks Challenge
Welsh 3000s


Open Tracking is devoted to excellence in event tracking and timing, and works alongside event organisers to ensure competitor safety and event logistics are managed efficiently.

  • International – Open Tracking UK and our partners operate globally with partners based in Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, Netherlands and Columbia. We cover live GPS tracking throughout Europe and most areas of the World.

  • Experience – Tracking since 2011, timing, support and organisation

  • Events – Ultras, Adventure Races, Duke of Edinburgh, Scouts, Schools, Car Rally, Personal Challenges; by foot, bike, boat, kayak, car or horse

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call and we may well be able to adapt our systems to match your event.

* For most events the tracker hire cost including a tracking page is just £10 per tracker, discounts available for 500+ trackers.


One to two thousand trackers, small and large events tracked. Participants are shown on a tracking web page as map pins, the pins on the map move automatically to show the location in live time. Lots of features and uses including mass participation events, event staff control, safety teams and post race reviews.

The combination of live event tracking and automatic leaderboard updates provides your online audience hours of addictive entertainment.

GPS Tracking / Timing

This uses our GPS trackers to record both location and time competitors visited Checkpoints using geo-fence locations (no physical presence required). The times are automatically updated to the leaderboard on the tracking page and can also be downloaded to show split times.

Timing Only

This uses barcode timing, you can mass start the clock or scan individuals to start, each Checkpoint you want times recording at needs a ‘PDA scanner’, as competitors pass through the CPs a marshal would scan the barcodes which records the time. There would also need to be a marshal at the end scanning barcodes as the competitors cross the finish line.  The results are displayed on our website and can be downloaded including splits.

For organisers the live tracking adds an increasingly important layer of safety and participant management. The trackers can have the SOS button enabled, this allows the GPS coordinates (with link to google maps) to be sent to the organisers email address and smartphone of where the tracker had the SOS button activated.

Whether it be a 10K run or ultra marathon, event organisers can hire our bespoke PDA units that can be used to scan bib numbers at checkpoints and finish. The times are sent to the website for viewers to see live times and leaderboard during the race.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, route information, elevation profile, athlete and checkpoint photos can all be integrated into your live tracking page.

To help raise awareness and increase donations, you can provide JustGiving links and these will be included with the athlete timings. The total amount raised can be collected from JustGiving on a regular basis keeping online viewers up to date with donations.

As well as our own timing system, we can integrate 3rd party timing systems (e.g. Raceresults / MyLaps)