Open Tracking - Individual and Group Use

Less than 10 trackers

Increasingly we are being asked by individuals and groups if they can use our trackers and portal, this is a great way for support teams / friends and family to watch what is going on and where you are.

Typical examples of where our trackers have been used are:

  • DofE / scouts / school groups
  • Charity challenges (e.g. Lands End to John O' Groats cycle ride)
  • You want your own tracker for a supported event (e.g. Devises to Westminster)
  • Safety on hiking trips (Pennine Way / Coast to Coast)


  • The trackers only weigh 65g are just a bit bigger than a matchbox.
  • Supplied in a waterproof bag.
  • The units have a 3000 point buffer, so if you are in a location with no GSM signal it will record the location and upload the track when back in range.

Web interface

  • We will provide you a link to a web page for each tracker, this can be viewed both on a desktop computer and is optimised for mobile devices
  • The web interface will show last track time and battery level
  • For the UK we use Ordnance Survey mapping, which provides detail invaluable in the outdoors (Google mapping also available outside of UK).

How to hire a Tracker

In summary we hate surprises so you should not expect anything more than what is here.

  • Tracker hire is £30 per weekend (Fri-Sun) per tracker or £60 for a week (Fri-Fri) this is inclusive of data costs and use of our web portal
  • Trackers must be received back at the Open Tracking office on the following Tuesday using the enclosed envelope. Typically the tracker will be required by another event or challenge a day after return. Please contact us before paying if less than a week till you need the tracker. Full terms and conditions of hire.
  • Only for postage in the UK via Royal Mail. Please contact us for individual hire where we need to send the tracker overseas.
  • We reguarly get emails asking for free trackers as the participant is raising money for charity. We have worked hard to keep our prices low as possible, and the majority of single tracker hires are for people raising money for charity. If we did not charge for the service - the service just would not exist.
  • You need to pre pay for the hire using the PayPal button below

    Hire period
    Date of Hire
  • Tracking interval is set to 90 second updates.
  • You should be aware that any damaged units will be charged at cost +20% (e.g. getting them wet or chewed by dogs - yep that has happened)
  • Trackers will be dispatched to you in time to arrive a day or two before your start date.
  • For weekend hires trackers will be dispatched on the Wednesday to be with you on the Thursday.

Once you've paid for the tracker hire

After you've paid for your hire, we need you to send us an email with the following information:

  • Confirmation of your name, delivery address and contact phone number
  • Start and end dates of hire
  • The location, nature of your challenge e.g. ultra run, trail run, cycle ride
  • If you have a GPX or KML file of the route then send us that too - needs to be a single file.

Take a moment to check this list before sending the email, we'll only ask you to send it through.

Open Tracking - Individual and Group Use

Open Tracking - Individual and Group Use

Open Tracking - Individual and Group Use

Open Tracking - Individual and Group Use