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Open Tracking Ltd
Clock Tower Works,
Low Wood,
Cumbria, LA12 8LY
Tel: 015395 31048
Mobile: 07813 011775

If you are looking to hire a tracker, this page has all the details and information we require.

Otherwise, send us an email

Please note Open Tracking will only field queries on a trackers location from the relevant event organiser or the emergency services.

Australia and New Zealand

If you are an event organiser in Australia or New Zealand then Track Me Live are our partners down under. Lousie and her team offer the same service and are in your time zone.


Our partner in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland is Primal Tracking.

Regional Partners

If you have looked at our website, like what we do and can introduce tracking to multiple event organisers annually, and would like to become a partner in your country or region, please get in contact to explore the options.

Open Tracking - Contact Us